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Ray-Ban sunglasses, founded in the 1930s, Ray-Ban is a famous brand cheap ray ban sunglasses, Ray-Ban sunglasses are designed for the US Air pilots Lomb design, in addition to maintaining a good clear vision, but its shape is designed to highlight the rugged style of valiant soldiers temperament. Ray-Ban has continued with consistent high quality and elegant design, sought after by fashion. Stars with a street fashion sunglasses Ray-Ban products how, what kind of features? Billion over optical network for you to order as follows: Lens: 1, Material: optical glass manufacturing, and high visual clarity. 2, the grinding process: the use of high-precision equipment manufacturing and polishing optical deviation is almost zero, after wearing does not cause eyestrain, headaches or fatigue.3, features: 100% anti-UV function, in full compliance with US ANSIZ80.3, Europe and Australia EN1836 AS 1067 quality assurance standards. 4, color: with the above features, a good foundation. Therefore, the color will not retire anytime day, to ensure lasting for years. Frame: based on ergonomics, fit the facial structure of Asians, make the frame more matching facial features, enhance facial contours feel comfortable to wear. 1, with a clear fake ray ban sunglasses, exquisite beauty, more high-end atmosphere.2, mirror arm radian design reasonable, thoughtful skin, reflecting comfortable. 3, double screw assembly, effectively consolidate lens ray ban outlet. 4, the weak end of the arm design, can result should face contour and make adjustments. 5, nose-one design, maintain the unity of the details, more fluid lines. Increased nose pads design, more suitable for Asians to wear. Nose pads: a nose pad and frame integration, flaky curved lines fit the nose, smooth and glossy no indentation. 2, high-quality hinges, bright color, polished smooth, firm tight, flexible application. 3, full of tough texture design, play cutting-edge fashion, the pursuit of individuality highest level. To sum up: cheap ray ban sunglasses products from the inside exudes quality and stylish atmosphere. Le Pen, has insisted his character, retain their heritage, combined with characteristics of the times, and the times.
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